Friday, November 6, 2015

Children's eBook Review: Momster, Written by Laura Jensen-Kimball, Illustrated by Peter Mahr

Storyline: 5.0 Stars
Illustrations: 5.0 Stars

Cover: 5.0 
Total: 5.0 Stars

Book Review: 
When son doesn't obey after several requests--uh oh, out comes Momster. Only a hug and apology will restore his Mom!

Storyline: This story is a morality tale encouraging children to obey their Mom on the first request. After asking several times, Moms tend to turn into Momsters! Although none of us Moms like to be reminded of the times we get mad at our children, the pattern of a child giving a hug, offering an apology and wanting to do better, is a pattern we want our children to learn. And this story explains and demonstrates the pattern in a funny way.

Illustrations: The illustrations are colorful and professional and add to the drama of the story.
5 stars

Author Laura Jensen-Kimball: 
Laura Jensen-Kimball is a mother of four children, a registered nurse, and author of the children's picture book, Momster. This is her first children's book, although she has six more she is preparing for publication.

Kimball was inspired to write after her youngest child was diagnosed with a speech delay. Books were a common tool used in improving his speech. She creates books with a touch of humor she feels both parent and child will enjoy.

What is the message in this book? Kimball believes the "most important message in Momster is how powerful an apology can be.  After mom morphs into a momster, it is through forgiveness that she alters back into her delightful self.  Through mother’s transformation, a lesson is learned and an alliance is formed.  Any book titled Momster should evoke a little well-placed fear in the heart of the reader."

Illustrator Peter Mahr:
Momster is illustrated by Peter Mahr. Mahr is from Budapest, Hungary and has illustrated many children's books. He uses software from the Adobe suite and also enjoys freehand illustration.

Want to know more? Click here for Kimball's website, or here to see Momster on Amazon.

~Valerie Harmon, Children's Book Reviewer 

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