Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Congratulations to child author Ryan Rector!

Author Ryan Rector

Congratulations to 10 year old writer Ryan Rector for making the Los Angeles local news as a children's book author.

I reviewed her book Hey Zoo Animals, Wake Up Already! and interviewed her in April 2015. Click here for that blog post.


Friday was the last day of school for Stevenson Ranch elementary school 4th-grader Ryan Rector, but she may be hearing from some of her classmates this summer who are looking to add a book or two to their reading lists.

Because at just 10 years old, Ryan is the author of not one, but two books.

She's written "I'm Not a Vampire, I Just Suck My Thumb," and "Hey Zoo Animals, Wake Up Already!" with the help of her father, Clarence.

"It's mostly her ideas, but it's just me with a little bit of assistance of putting it all together," he said.

---Read the rest of the news article (and a video interview) click here----

~Valerie Harmon

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