Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Free Books: The Crab Who Wanted To Be a Dolphin and The Alligator Who Wanted To Be A Dog

My seventh book in the WantsToBe children's picture eBook series, The Crab Who Wanted To Be A Dolphin, AND my third  book, The Alligator Who Wanted To Be A Dog are FREE from October 23 until midnight October 26.

Pick up your free copy here!

Book Summary: Everyone annoys Crab! Lonely and friendless (because she's cranky), she decides she needs to become a dolphin to solve her problems. Struggling on this quest, she discovers that finding friends requires changes on the inside, not the outside. As she experiences gratitude, and the friendship that follows, she unexpectedly transforms into a mixture of her old self and a new self. Not only an educational story encouraging gratitude, this tale is also a metaphor for how we all transform after accomplishing difficult things. 

This title will be available soon as an animated app for iPad (in the App Store℠) and as a full-color softcover book. 

Pick up your free copy of The Alligator Who Wanted To Be A Dog here!

Rated 5 STARS and has hit #1 Best Seller in Category!

This is the third fully-illustrated children's book in the Wants To Be series.

Book Summary: Alligator's sharp-toothed smiles scares away all the other animals, and he feels so lonely. Since dogs are friends with everyone, he decides that he needs to become a dog. This decision sends him on a quest of difficulty and a surprising new friendship. This is not a typical "Be content with who you are" book, but rather "Working hard toward a goal changes you into something more." Which is why, in the end (don't spoil the surprise for your child!) Alligator turns into a ALLIDOG. This is pure imaginative fun, but is also a metaphorical example of how we all change after accomplishing hard things.

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