Saturday, October 18, 2014

Free Book: The Elephant Who Wanted To Be A Bee, by Valerie Harmon and Carol Stevens

My second book in the WantsToBe children's picture eBook series, The Elephant Who Wanted To Be A Bee, is FREE from October 19 until midnight October 22.

Pick up your free copy here!

Rated 4.6 STARS and has hit #1 Best Seller in Category!

Book Summary: Elephant is allergic to the flowers she loves to eat. What can she do? She decides becoming a bee will solve her allergies. This decision sends her on a quest of difficulty and a surprising new friendship. This is not a typical "Be content with who you are" book, but rather "Working hard toward a goal changes you into something more." Which is why, in the end (don't spoil the surprise for your child!) Elephant turns into an ELLABEE. This is pure imaginative fun, but is also a metaphorical example of how we all change after accomplishing hard things.

Tapping or swiping the stars within the app can start a hive of bees swarming, cause a zebra to rear, send a meerkat scampering away, and much more. The icons on the left release a variety of sound effect, including a trumpeting elephant, a tree crashing to the ground or even a barking meerkat. This app teaches children to work hard toward a goal no matter what, with 73 animations, 36 sound effects, music, and dramatized narration.

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