Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Study Resolves the eBook versus Print Book Debate

I love the feel of a printed book in my hand, and I don't think that e-books will completely replace the printed text. Even with full color children's books now so available on devices, I will always have printed children's books on my bookshelves.
I will always have printed books on a bookshelf. And more books than bookshelf!
 That being said, I'm a big believer that Availability of Books increases literacy, and that the source, whether it be a paperback, hardback or e-book, doesn't matter. Mobile reading devices have made it so portions of my "bookshelf" are portable. And increasing the portability of books is good for me and my children.
My son reading a printed book--but he loves iPad stories at bedtime!

The opposite camp believes that reading from e-books is a moral decision and print books are "better" in terms of child literacy. A recent Kobo Books study refutes that! It's heavy reading, so you might appreciate a summary paragraph:

"The view that somehow a print book is “better” in terms of
helping children learn to read – which seems to be at the root
of resistance to eBooks – is a matter of opinion not borne
out in research. There has been no substantive study proving
whether reading to children with eBooks is better or worse
than print in terms of development or educational value,
according to a spokesperson for the Children’s Book Council,
a New York–based industry association for children’s book
publishers (2), and some new research being conducted in
education shows signs that eBooks might even have an edge
when it comes to encouraging reluctant readers to take on the
challenge of a book. "

Print books do not have more reading value than e-Books? e-Books encourage reluctant readers? This is good news for the argument of print vs. digital--both are good and aid child literacy. Isn't that a belief we all can support?
Click on this link for the entire text.

e-Books mean more books are available to read. However, Availability doesn't necessary mean Quality, which is why I've made it my mission to review and spotlight quality children's e-books. Subscribe to my blog and comment below on children's e-books you'd like to see reviewed.

~Valerie Harmon


  1. I agree! Reading is an essential building block of children's learning. It bolsters active imaginations and fosters creativity. As a third grade teacher, I found that interactive ebooks for children provide great ways to make reading fun and more appealing by stimulating their senses. They can interact with their favorite characters which encourages them to read more often.

  2. I also do love a story with a moral to it and lessons to be learn and this sounds like it led your children to their own conclusions. I found Bella’s Ball Story ebook to be such a cute read, I think a lot of little girls would love it! Younger kids tend to lose interest in books when there aren't many pictures to look at, so I think more art work would help spark their imagination and keep their interest.