Friday, March 1, 2013

Making a Book Trailer Part 2: The Music

Music is vital to any book trailer. 

Even if you include voiceover, you need to have music. Music creates mood, adds a professional feel, and can help people watch your book trailer all the way through (YouTube penalizes videos that people don't watch to the end). Most importantly, music contributes to a successful book trailer that helps you sell books.

However, the music HAS to fit your book and your video. This video  has horrible music (don't do this!) besides the fact that its cursive script is hard to read. Yet, this video has had over 15,000 views! Crazy! What this means to me is that a good book trailer could pull down even more views.

Take a look at this book trailer. This award winning author has great visuals (I must admit that children's picture books are ahead of the video game because they are already visually appealing), but although the visuals are fabulous, I think the music takes away from the video. Have you encountered some other bad book trailer videos? The same part of me that can stand B movies likes to watch poorly made book trailers and laugh. So feel free to link to them below.

If you want to see some book trailers that do it right, read this post on Book Trailer Content for a couple links. If you have some examples of well-done book trailers, put the link in my comments. I'm on the prowl for some more good book trailers (and they aren't easy to find).

So where do you find good video music?

My current favorite place to find free music is Incompetech.

It's royalty-free (no copyright) and, did I mention, it's FREE! Yes, I was excited about that too. You just need to give the credit like this: Music: courtesy of Kevin MacLeod ( I used Incompetech music for these two book trailers: for a jungle feel in The Elephant Who Wanted To Be A Bee and a child's fun type of music in The Snake Who Wanted To Be A Horse.

Next recommendation: Audio Jungle.
AudioJungle is my current music-that-costs favorite site. The music is inexpensive and there is a lot to choose from. I am buying a song for my next book trailer there, and it costs $11! That's it. If you've never paid for video music, then you don't know what a great deal that is!

In doing professional video work, I would often buy music from Production Trax. I bought songs from $85 to $140. Per song. My clients were pleased with the finished video, and I liked the songs myself (watch and listen to two of them here or here), but I am thrilled that I can find other music sources with great music and a better price, and I'm glad I can share those contacts with you.

These are other music sources that were recently recommended by video making professionals in my network. I haven't used them yet myself. If you use them, tell me what you think! If you can recommend any others, let me know in the comments. I'm always on the lookout for better sources.

Best wishes on your book trailer-making endeavors!

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