Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Children's Book Review: Hello Bella

Today's Children's Picture e-Book Review is Hello Bella, written by Nicole Foster and illustrated by Erik Skinner, for Ages 3-9.

My Ratings: 
Overall: 4.0 Stars
Cover: 4 Stars
Illustrations: 4 Stars
Story: 4 Stars

Bella is a curious dog who goes on a walk and hears greetings in different foreign languages as she tries to eat the foreign foods (she has to wait to eat until she gets home).

This is a simple book with cute cartoonish illustrations. It's a basic introduction to the word "Hello" in Spanish, Italian and French. There's no pronunciation guide, so it's helpful if you already know how to say the words "Hola," [O-la] "Ciao," [chow] and "Bonjour," [Bon Jur].

My 8 year old read it to herself and she liked the Italian Pizzeria illustration best, but she didn't know how to pronounce Ciao--a great learning opportunity.

~Valerie Harmon, The Kindle Book Review

(Disclaimer: Valerie Harmon received a free copy of the this book in exchange for a fair and honest review)

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