Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Children's Book Review List: Thank You Meiling

Today's Children's Picture e-Book Review is Thank You Meiling, written by Linda Talley and illustrated by Itoko Maeno, for Ages 3-9.

My Ratings: 
Overall: 5.0 Stars
Cover: 5 Stars
Illustrations: 5 Stars
Story: 5 Stars

There was a hushed feeling as I read this book, Thank You Meiling, to three of my children, that's how cozy we all felt as we followed Meiling throughout her day. We enjoyed the delightful illustrations and the gentle way Meiling learned to say Please and Thank You, and to think of other people before herself. Some manners books hit you over the head with manners. This book revealed manners in a way that was so endearing. I HIGHLY recommend this book. 

By the way, I read this as a children's picture e-book, and the illustrations were still vivid and enjoyable. Remember to double tap on the device if you want the picture to enlarge.

~Valerie Harmon, from The Kindle Book Review

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